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Porthos Hits Is where you'll find a powerful advertising service that can bring visitors from around the world to your web site.

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0.50 Surf Ratio (Free Members)
1 Surf Ration (Upgraded Account)
8 Seconds Surf Timer (Free Members
6 Seconds Surf Time (Upgraded Account)
Dynamic Surfing Ratio
Website, Banner and Text Advertising
Free Member cannot cashout! All earnings to be used onsite.
$10.00 Paid Member Commission Payout
1,000 Credits Sign Up Bonus
1,000 Banner Impressions Sign Up Bonus
Games, Rewards and more..
1,000 Text Impressions Sign Up Bonus
10% Referral Commission (Free Member)
40% Referral Commission (Paid Member)
5% Referral Credits (Free Member)
10 - 25% Referral Credits (Paid Member)

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Note: The above sign up bonuses are added automatically to your account, after surfing for the first time, a little over 500 websites.

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